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Weatherford’s “loose controls and anaemic compliance” leads to $253 million bribery and sanctions penalties

This is a salutary tale for any companies, wherever they are situated in the world, which still think that their illegal activities will never be discovered. Usually it is only a question of time, and the penalties can be huge, as well as the impact on the business in sorting it all out.… Continue Reading
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“Not the serious champagne office” – SFO Director indicates common sense approach to Bribery Act

In response to speculation as to whether corporate hospitality involving tickets to the recent London Olympic Games might result in prosecutions under the Bribery Act, Serious Fraud Office Director David Green QC has stated: "We are not interested in that sort of case. We are interested in hearing that a large company has mysteriously come second in bidding for a big contract. The sort of bribery we would be investigating would not be tickets to Wimbledon or bottles of champagne. We are not the 'serious champagne office'."… Continue Reading
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BRIEFING NOTE – UK Bribery Act, Section 9 Guidance

The Government has released Guidance on the Act, which is intended to help organisations understand how the Act will operate and how to deal with the risks of bribery. The Guidance gives insights into how the Act might be interpreted, but does not give assurances. It suggests procedures that might be adequate, but does not set down rules.… Continue Reading