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SEC Comments Bring Commercial Bribery Clearly into FCPA Scope

While the potential reach of the UKBA has begun to broaden perceptions of what is necessary to ensure an anticorruption compliance program is appropriately inclusive and robust, recent comments by one senior U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) official should remind us that the FCPA's accounting provisions may serve as a vehicle for penalizing companies for acts of commercial bribery if they result in maintenance of inaccurate books and records or otherwise undermine a company's system of internal controls… Continue Reading

DPAs, NPAs and the Hybrid Corporate Monitor

In two recent FCPA-related settlements in the medical devices industry in February and March 2013, and in the manufacturing industry in October 2013, DOJ adopted a "hybrid" approach to monitoring. The DPAs entered in each settlement imposed a compliance monitorship whereby the company must retain an independent monitor for an 18-month period and then self-monitor and report its compliance with the agreement for the remaining 18 months of the … Continue Reading
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Weatherford’s “loose controls and anaemic compliance” leads to $253 million bribery and sanctions penalties

This is a salutary tale for any companies, wherever they are situated in the world, which still think that their illegal activities will never be discovered. Usually it is only a question of time, and the penalties can be huge, as well as the impact on the business in sorting it all out… Continue Reading
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Deferred prosecution agreements to be introduced as a bill in the next parliament

In our view, the Solicitor General's confirmation that DPAs would be introduced into UK law is a very positive step forward in the enforcement of complex international crime. Although the road to its introduction may be bumpy, it is clear that he is very determined that it should happen and he is working with the judiciary to ensure that it is a success… Continue Reading

FCPA Enforcement Measures

In a recent article for the ABA Journal 'Litigation', Susan Hansen argues that prosecutors are wielding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act more actively, but not always successfully, while business interests are calling for changes in the law… Continue Reading
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US Securities and Exchange Commission Annual Report on the Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Program 2011

We, at the BriberyLibary, follow this new program with great interest as we are of the view that financial incentives and compensation designed to encourage people with knowledge and evidence to come forward to blow the whistle on corporate corruption (and other legal wrongs) should be seriously considered in the UK without delay… Continue Reading
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Facilitation payments: Australia consults on proposed ban

Section 70.4 of the Criminal Code sets out a defence for facilitation payments, which is inconsistent with the international trend towards the prohibition of such payments and as highlighted in the consultation paper, puts Australian companies at greater risk of being found liable for acting outside the law e.g. where the operations of Australian companies also fall within the scope of the UK Bribery Act… Continue Reading