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Cooperation, Leniency, Internal Investigations, Self-Incrimination, Privilege and All That Jazz

I recently attended a Fraud Conference in Miami where I heard a French lawyer insisting that since he was a defence advocate, his job was to defend his clients against fraud allegations, not to prosecute them.  Instead of cosying up to the authorities, and self-reporting, he regarded it as his duty to challenge the prosecutor and… Continue Reading
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Welcome to The Fraud Board, a new blog site for UK fraud and related regulatory issues

Welcome to the new McGuireWoods London LLP fraud blog: The Fraud Board, which has taken over from our highly rated Bribery Library site.  There are various reasons for the change, but the main rationale is that while the subject of Bribery remains very important in the economic crime landscape, and will continue to feature strongly… Continue Reading
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Weatherford’s “loose controls and anaemic compliance” leads to $253 million bribery and sanctions penalties

This is a salutary tale for any companies, wherever they are situated in the world, which still think that their illegal activities will never be discovered. Usually it is only a question of time, and the penalties can be huge, as well as the impact on the business in sorting it all out.… Continue Reading
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Crime and Courts Act 2013. The Schedule contains a requirement that the DPP and the Director of the SFO jointly issue a Code giving guidance for prosecutors on a number of matters, including the general principles to be applied in determining whether a DPA is likely to be appropriate in a given case.… Continue Reading
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Deferred prosecution agreements to be introduced as a bill in the next parliament

In our view, the Solicitor General's confirmation that DPAs would be introduced into UK law is a very positive step forward in the enforcement of complex international crime. Although the road to its introduction may be bumpy, it is clear that he is very determined that it should happen and he is working with the judiciary to ensure that it is a success.… Continue Reading